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The Pentagon and the surveillance of the social networks by robots

The American organ of the army devoted to research, the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), suggested to the scientists to find methods to locate the big events organized on the social networks.

In here is a big stake for the politics seen that through these social networks, many groups express and share their opinions, but also in another register, groups organize demonstrations and / or revolts,  that is the interest of the Pentagon especially concerning this last point.

A 42 million dollar budget was assigned in this sense to set up means for a program of development “of a new science of the social networks based on an emerging technology ".

This program “Social Media in the Strategic Communication” will have to “develop tools, automated and semi-automated techniques to detect, classify and pursue the training, the development and the broadcasting of ideas and concepts "but also" identify the participants, and measure the effect of the persuasion campaign”.

This decision is an answer to a British report saying that terrorist groups are “invading” Facebook.

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