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Firefox 3.5 automatically updated PDF Print E-mail

From June 2011, all the users of Firefox 3.5 having activated the automatic update of the browser will fall over automatically on the version 3.6.

Like Microsoft with Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla decided to force a little the  "latecomers" who always use the version 3.5 of Firefox. They are still 12 millions. Problem, Firefox 3.5 is at the end of life and received its last update of security some weeks ago.

Mozilla thus elaborated a plan to accelerate the end of this browser. In a message posted on a list of discussion for developers, Christian Legnitto, the administrator of version of Firefox announces that the users of Firefox 3.5 who activated the automatic updates will receive automatically Firefox 3.6.18.

The transition should be made in the course of June, as Firefox 5 arrives. It is about the first time for Mozilla who usually requires the approval of the user.

“We handle the activation of the update automatic as a “yes, I want that Mozilla holds me up to date”. Previously, we asked to people for their agreement to every new version because of the potentially disturbing nature of the update. We consider that the difference between 3.5 and 3.6 is not enormous and as far as 3.5 is at the end of life, 3.6 is de facto an update of security for the users of 3.5. Naturally, we would prefer that people install Firefox 4 by themselves, but we want them at least have a version which receives the updates of security”, says Christian Legnitto.

He specifies however that the persons who will not ask  the option of automatic update  won’t be concerned.

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