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China fights against illegal imitation

China saw the fight anti-imitation carrying fruits: 9000 detainees, and the closure of 12854 illegal factories of imitated products.

According to Jiang Zengwei, Vice Minister of the trade in 9 months of campaign on the protection of intellectual property rights, 9031 persons were arrested by the police. He even announces to the news agency Reuters that the question of the hacking is not any more an activity "extremely spread" in the country.

The Chinese government began «to sweep at its door ". In December, 2010, it had settled as objective to inspect the computers of its public administrations to locate those using software without any license.

According to Vice Minister the future anti-imitation campaign would concern the raising sensitization of the country in legal use of software. Henceforth, China could set up mechanisms so that companies or administrations use software edited by companies of the country. A measure of willingness but which could show its limits as far as no independent authority would be in charge of checking the legal (or illegal) use.

So, search engines as Baidu is accused of proposing links leading towards imitated contents. According to the United States, Baidu would act as a simplified directory allowing consulting quickly some published contents, sometimes without any authorization. As such, last March, the American services in the Business (USTR), had pointed of the finger the search engine and criticized China for its laxness …

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