Google Chrome outstrips Internet Explorer in terms of market shares Print

Chrome, newcomer on the scale of the market of Internet browsers, continues to conquer, a little less than three years after its launch.

The long-awaited launch of Internet Explorer 9, on March 15th, 2011, was not enough to slow down the erosion of market share of Microsoft’s browser. This one effectively lost 10 points in one year, but contrary to all expectations it is not Mozilla who took advantage of it, in spite of the launch just as much expected of Firefox 4.

Firefox remained stable, even loosing 0, 8 point in one year. We can think that certain users of IE became users of Firefox and that some of these changed of browser.

The big winner is thus Chrome, which won between 0, 5 and 1 point per month during the last year. The browser of Google doubled its part of visits in one year, passing from 5, 7 % to 12, 8 %. The Internet users worried of using another browser than that supplied with Windows chose thus massively Chrome.

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