Cyber security: Europe thinks of a group of emergency intervention Print

The European Commission has just made a commitment to take several measures concerning the security of networks and the fight against cyber-attacks. Europe recommends the creation of a group of specialized intervention and could also strengthen the penalties against hackers.

In a communiqué, the European Union announces to have taken an important measure in the fight against cyber attacks aiming at institutions by setting up a team of emergency intervention CERT (Computer Emergency Response pre-configuration Team). Concretely, experts will work on the creation of a team of intervention capable to be deployed on all the territory of the European Union.

Europe also indicates that these specialists should collaborate in close cooperation with the teams of IT security of the various European institutions in contact with the CERT of Member states. The interest of this initiative lies on the sharing of information and the knowledge.

Last September, Enisa (European Network and information Security Agency) had already proposed 20 recommendations to better share information. Among these Enisa recommended in particular the creation of national platforms capable of communicating between them.

Besides the future implementation of this group of intervention, Europe would also like to stress the penalties against those who cause damage in infrastructures IT. The fact of getting into a network, via a botnet network, could be punished of 5 years of prison. Finally, the interception of electronic data could, in the future, be considered as an act of criminal nature.

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