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Send SMS, faxes, voice messages through email with ActivSMS

Send four different types of messages in a few clicks from your email, messaging system or from our web platform.


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Send + receive your SMS in your email box or in your own application

Passerelle SMS proves ideal for drawings, contests and reality TV shows, as you can analyze, organize and store the text messages you receive in your email very easily and quickly.


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Send+receive SMS, faxes, voice messages through email with ActivFax.

Our solution is very easy-to-use and you do not even have to install a software on your computer.
You can use your own email address, your usual messaging system (like Outlook or Lotus for example) or our web platform, and we award you a unique fax number (feel free to keep your current fax number if you wish to).


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Receive all your faxes and voice messages in your email with ActivPush.

ActivPush also enables you to  receive voice messages in your emai : the sender calls your fax number with his telephone and records a message that you immediately receive in an attached file, in your email.

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Find all your emails in the twinkling of an eye with ActivCell

Simulation: an ActivCell user whose ActivCell email box is composed of 9.506 faxes (in attached documents), wishes to find two invoices from his client Mr. Etienne Vignal. Search result: ActivCell finds his two faxes in 0.035 second !

Finding an old email is so easy with ActivCell.


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Try ActivMail

Send up to 10 SMS, Fax, Voice messages trough the Internet

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Resell ActivMail in White Label Become Partners
  • Dear Partner or future Partner, unified messaging is blossoming and helps companies of all sizes to centralize all their messages in their email box and to make huge savings.
  • New technologies are always on the move; that is the reason why we anticipated and created ActivMail unified messaging systems in 2000.
  • Become Partners and resell high-level services to your clients. Our innovative, all-in-one and top-quality service will make them trust you.
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Need and SMS application Get a Quote
  • An SMS application that corresponds to your needs
  • A new functionality or ActivMail option
  • Write to us today to ask for a solution/quote.
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