ActivCell allows you to keep 100% of your emails/files sent or received, which means that you are legally protected in case of dispute or investigation.

“In many cases, we can state that digital files have the same legal value as written documents” Aproged, digital information association.

We guarantee the legal value of the files that are being sent and received through ActivCell. In a nutshell, your files are stored in a safe space and are not corrupted or altered.

Keep and check your messages very easily (by key words or date). None of your files can be lost, as they remain stored in your private ActivCell email box that you can access thanks to your personal login and password.

“Every file that is being exchanged between companies (…) can be considered a proof and be digitally stored” Aproged.

Thanks to ActivCell, our Document Management System, your digital files have a legal value and can be stored online. 


Concrete examples of use :

– ActivCell users store online their invoices, emails, purchase orders, pay slips, declarations.

– When a client insists he never sent you a Signed and Agreed form through fax or email and refuses to pay the resulting bill, then you can find the document in ActivCell in the twinkling of an eye (by key words) and prove him wrong.
– In the European Union, keeping pay slips in ActivCell is legal so you do not have to print them.




– A document that you create digitally has the value of an original file whereas a scanned document is just a copy. 

– In the European Union, regarding an agreement involving more than €762,25, you have to keep a written proof.

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