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10 reasons to use ActivFax

Be available anywhere, anytime, be reactive and more efficient thanks to ActivFax.
1. Make savings

You do not need a fax machine anymore: cancel your fax subscription, save energy, paper, ink, office space and time.
2. Be available 24/7

Check your faxes, text messages and voice messages whenever you want, even when you are away from work. You just need a computer, a telephone or a PDA, as your email box becomes a virtual office where you receive all your messages in real time.
3. Make the most of your organization
Centralize all your messages in the same email box (use Outlook, Lotus etc.) or check them on the Internet. You receive your faxes in attached files, and you can also edit them thanks to the OCR option, that converts them into PDF or DOC files.
4. A unique number
Your contacts can reach you anytime on the same fax number, even if you are on the other side of the planet. If you already have a fax number, feel free to keep it: just use call-forwarding.
5. Your fax line is never busy

The ActivFax number is always available. You can send and receive faxes, text messages and voice messages at the same time whereas usual fax lines do not allow simultaneous reception.
6. Confidentiality guaranteed

You are the only one to receive your faxes, as they are directly sent to your email box. From now on, nobody else but you will read your faxes thanks to ActivFax.
7. Be autonomous
ActivFax is remote-installed within four hours and subscribers can start using it very easily. You just have to tell us which email you want to use.
8. All-in-one

ActivFax also allows you to send fax-mailings, SMS-mailings and voice-mailings and to set up the date of sending. You can also send SMS Flashes (text messages that automatically appear on the telephone’s screen) and SMS alerts.
9. Respect the environment
ActivFax is a green solution that respects the environment by saving paper, ink and most of all, energy. Green computing helps you save the planet and our solutions make of the world a better place.
10. Increase your company’s image

When you use ActivFax, your clients understand that your company is innovative, creative, future-oriented and always in search of efficiency.

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