Find all your emails in the twinkling of an eye with ActivCell

Long term archiving + mega-speedy search + high-protection

How does it work?

Emails: archived on line without any limit of size

Files exchange: very large size

Checking: on the web, Outlook, PDA, Smartphone and mobiles

Length of archiving: 3, 6 or 10 years

Search: extra-fast and multi-criteria search 

even checks the text of your attached documents

antispam and antivirus filtering

Plus: calendar, real time webmail, chose your language

Simulation: an ActivCell user whose ActivCell email box is composed of 9.506 faxes (in attached documents), wishes to find two invoices from his client Mr. Etienne Vignal. Search result: ActivCell finds his two faxes in 0.035 second !

Finding an old email is so easy with ActivCell
Write to us to try our brand-new solution

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