Opus is an IT company that was created in 1984 in Paris. After 16 years of network engineering and technical support, we launched one of the first-ever unified messaging services in 2000, which allows to send and receive faxes, text and voice messages through email. Then in 2001, ActivMail was included into the application of a call center.

In 2004, ActivMail added speech synthesis to its solutions. This application enables to transform a text sent through email into a synthetic voice in French received on a telephone.

Always in search of innovation, Opus launched the Passerelle SMS option in 2007, which allows to receive text messages in your email and to send messages from a GSM number. Then in 2009, Opus made the most of the OCR system to convert faxes received in emails into editable documents.

And this is just the start of an exciting journey, as ActivMail plans to release new products and innovative solutions in 2010, including ActivCell, the ultimate online storage solution.

Many surprises are to come, so stay tuned to our brand-new website!

Call our English speaking experts from Monday to Friday: +331 44 75 59 59


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