An effective SMS campaign


Some brilliant ideas for an effective SMS campaign

 You doubtless already read (here or somewhere else) that a SMS marketing campaign is one of the best tools and one the cheapest to communicate and develop loyalty. But how can we make effective a message and make of your campaign a success?


The keys of the winning SMS: an irresistible offer

 To write an effective SMS campaign, it is indispensable to be interested in the target, in what it likes, in its age, in its average incomes to personalize the message which you go to send.

You can, in this sense, divide your database into groups and segment your offer according to the various established profiles.

 Certain customers are eager for gadgets, for novelty, you should propose them the new products received with a discount coupon limited in the time. You can also suggest them order because this use of the SMS becomes common for certain products as the games on console and computer.

 Other customers will perceive VIP’s status in a favorable way; privilege them in sending them special offers and invitations to distribute in a limited number of friends.

 You can play on many other factors: geography and seasonality are the first ones! The most unpleasant in a SMS campaign, is to feel a target among millions to whom we strike the same message without soul. Show your target that you took into account peculiarities as the fact that they live in a precise place. Side seasonality, everybody celebrates feasts (Christmas, St Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc.). Take out the SMS arsenal little before the date so waited to propose THE present which will please the brother, the father or the friend while realizing an economy.

 The rate of reading of your other communication channels is in decline? It is maybe the moment to remind to your customers that you have a Facebook page where ” to become a fan ” gives you access to many advantages, or still to give by SMS the contents of your newsletter so that it  does not finish in the basket the next time.


The good ideas do not miss; do not hesitate to go rather far, your SMS has to be the one which holds attention, even if it is a little provocative!



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