The Double Autentification helps you protect your email box, website and applications by sending an extra and unique password through SMS straight to your mobile phone. Internet giants Google, as well as most of the online biggest banks use this system that makes you feel safer.

How does it work ?

Try to connect to your website or to one of your accounts: type your login and password and press enter. Then, you are asked to type another password that you receive in real time on your mobile phone through an SMS, every time you try to connect. This password changes every time you try to connect. You can pick which telephone receives this code.

The Double autentification is available on ActivMessenger_100, do not hesitate to try it today.
1. Log on to and go to your account page to activate the “double authentification” option. Then type the phone number you wish to receive the password.


2. Type your login and password on


3. The following page appears and you receive a one-time-use-only password through SMS on the mobile phone you picked.Type the password here.



4. ActivMessenger_100 is open and ready to be used.


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