If your company needs a new SMS application, then we work for you.
You want us to create:
 an SMS application that corresponds to your needs
 a new functionality or ActivMail option
The OPUS staff remains available for you every day and answers all your questions as promptly as possible.
If you need a solution, then we can create the ideal tool for your business.

Our enthusiastic staff answers you in real time: no call-center, no hotline.

“Hi OPUS, can you provide to my company…?” 
– Yes we can !

 Check out an example of a client’s need that has led us to create a brand new ActivMail option.

SMS TARGET: an ActivMail member needed to reach his technicians in real time, even when he was away from his office. He wanted to contact the right persons for the right job by only sending one SMS to lists of numbers from his mobile phone.
1. He creates lists of telephone numbers on our online platform (no limit). 
2. The he saves them under the names of his choice, like aaa or bbb for example. 
3. Through the mobile phone he has picked for the service: he creates an SMS, rights down the name of the list he needs to reach (aaa or bbb) followed by space, then writes the message and presses send.
4. The SMS is automatically sent to all the numbers of the list he picked.
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