Smartphone flexible and fine as some paper

Canadian researchers have just presented the prototype of a mobile phone made by electronic paper: PaperPhone.

The gadget is surprising! It is also thick as a sheet of paper, transparent, and we can fold it as a plastic film. Nevertheless, in spite of his miniature thickness, it allows to realize all the basic operations of a mobile phone: emit and take calls, send SMS, listen to music and read e-books.

“All the telephones of the market will be like that in less than 5 years”, predicted its creator, Doctor Roel Vertegaal. Going farther, he declares that in the future, the paper could completely disappear from offices.

Turning one of its corners allows turning the page of an e-book, for example. We can also write above with a stilet.

 It is connected at the moment with a computer, which interprets and records the way the persons manipulate it.

A prototype was already built, and it works. It was conceived thanks to the same technology (e-ink) as Kindle of Amazon that is connected to sensors of flexion, and to touch-sensitive screen which interprets drawings and writings realized on it.

The prototype will be presented by its creators during the conference Computer Human Interaction in Vancouver, on May 10th.

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