Printed fax and sustainable development.

Printed fax and sustainable development.

Numerous faxes are received and printed automatically. That is why the fax by e-mail which avoids any useless printings seems to be the best solution. With the fax by e-mail, you print only the documents which really deserve it. Others are either stored in electronic version in your computer or somewhere else as our solution of storage ActivCell, or simply deleted when it is about intrusive advertisements, for example. So by using the fax by e-mail you will doubtless save at least a tree.

Every page of fax printed pointlessly it is some ink for nothing.

As everyone knows the ink to print the paper is constituted by more or less polluting chemicals. Every printing of page is a small act of pollution. It is thus for it that you should print only the useful faxes, those whose paper version it is absolutely necessary to have. We shall see that very few faxes are in that case. The fax by e-mail proposed by Activmail will thus have, once again, the advantage to eliminate this wasting and to protect as much as possible the environment.

Every page of fax printed pointlessly it is the wasted electrical energy…

Now, we know in which point the electricity production has devastating effects on the environment. Energy savings are in the heart of our preoccupations. We know now that they are absolutely necessary. The fax by e-mail of ActivMail contributes clearly to energy savings by limiting the number of printings.

With the fax by email, no more telefax.

The fax spends some electrical energy all day long during the sending of a fax, a reception of a fax, even when it is in sleep mode. Thanks to Activmail it is possible to receive and to send faxes without wasting all this energy.

The machine of fax always represents a potential polluting waste.

Indeed when a fax becomes obsolete, we change it. And, very often, we throw the former fax. The machine of fax thus constitutes a waste to be treated

Thanks to the fax by e-mail, you can send and receive faxes without having of machine of fax. Thus no more risk of pollution.

The machine of fax generates an additional noise in an environment already polluted by the noise pollutions. The noise is considered as a kind of pollution. By using your email to send and receive faxes, you limit the risks.

To summarize, the fax by e-mail of ActivMail contributes to the sustainable development.

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