Receive all your faxes and voice messages in your email with ActivPush.

  • Fax: receiving unlimited.
  • Voice messages and Tmails: receiving unlimited.


You are a professional and do not want to spend money on a fax machine that will prove out-of-date shortly?
You are starting a business and need to receive faxes anywhere, anytime?
You need a second fax machine but do not have enough office space?

Here is the solution: subscribe to ActivPush and we award you a fax number in a couple of hours, then you receive all your faxes and voice messages in your email.


4 Steps

  1. Register, and in a couple of hours you are awarded a unique fax number that you communicate to your clients. You can also keep your current fax number if you already have one.
  2. A client sends a fax to this number.
  3. You instantaneously receive an email with an attached file (TIFF format).
  4. Open it : you discover the content of the fax. Then feel free to save it, print it, store it.



ActivPush also enables you to  receive voice messages in your email : the sender calls your fax number with his telephone and records a message that you immediately receive in an attached file, in your email.

5 reasons to use ActivPush

ActivPush allows you to receive your faxes and voice messages in your email, 24/7, wherever you are.

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