Send SMS, faxes, voice messages through email with ActivSMS.


Send four different types of messages in a few clicks from your email, messaging system or from our web platform.
You just have to signal us which email address you wish to use, and then you are ready to go within four hours.


Be quick

Send hundreds of mailings to your clients listings from your desk. Your faxes, text and voice messages are received immediately. You can also program the date of sending (ideal for marketing campaigns).


Save money

ActivSMS makes you save money on paper and ink, saves you office space and prevents your employees from queuing behind the fax machine everyday. Our solutions also respects the environment.



Send faxes, text messages and voice messages to your lists of clients and download your mailing lists in a few seconds (copy/paste). Give up your mailing software, as ActivSMS saves your mailing lists online. Be autonomous, save time, send mailings instantaneously or program them in advance, then receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

5 reasons to use ActivSMS

ActivSMS allows you to send faxes, text and voice messages through email to your lists of contacts.

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