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5 reasons to use ActivSMS

ActivSMS allows you to send faxes, text and voice messages through email to your lists of contacts.


1. Huge impact
With ActivSMS, deliver your messages directly to your targets, in real time. For example, sending text messages through your email will only take you a few seconds, and the impact on your clients will be massive..

2. High reading rate

Nowadays, consumers receive hundreds of messages and offers on a daily basis. As a consequence, attracting their attention and making the most of your marketing campaigns is a real challenge. That is why ActivSMS ensures you that your message is received in the best-ever conditions (SMS DLR+PREMIUM).

3. Personalized data
Sending messages to irrelevant targets is a waste of time and money, and nobody wants to offer the wrong service to the wrong person. With our solution, make sure that the right person receives the right message at the right moment.

4. Your text messages are received everywhere, all the time

Create a text message in only a few clicks in your email, tick the list of clients you want to reach, send the message, and here we go. ActivSMS ensures you that the message is received in real time and everywhere (in your contact’s operator’s zone of reception).

5. Multi-task

ActivSMS is a very useful solution for many professionals all around the world who make the most of their work shifts and do not miss their target. These professionals use ActivSMS everyday:

– An estate agency sends offers to visit flats following the clients’ criteria
– A news agency sends text messages to their reporters to confirm meetings
– An IT company signals to their clients that their server has been fixed
– A travelling agency sends last-minute offers to their customers
– An association announces the date and place of the next meeting to its members.


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