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Sending SMS through email can help your company keep its existing customers and meet new ones so easily and for a very affordable price. Check out several examples that show you how companies from very different areas of business use ActivFax and ActivSMS to communicate with their clients and staff on a daily basis, from any computer that is connected to the Internet.


Sending SMS through email is a wonderful means to develop customers’ loyalty for car dealers and garage owners. Stay in touch without harassing your customers and keep them informed about the availability of their car, a new offer or an open day.

Launch marketing campaigns from your PC in a few clicks or improve customers’ satisfaction by keeping them posted about the state of their vehicle.

Send SMS to your customers:

– To inform them about the availability of their car, to let them know when their car will be ready to go, to plan a meeting, send the amount of the upcoming invoice or of a quote, remind a customer to pay his bill, invite your database of partners to an open day, make a special offer etc.

Customers’ satisfaction in Banking and Insurance is impossible without communication, and SMS solutions are the ideal tool to stay in touch and inform without spending hours on the phone. Sending a text message directly to the mobile phone of your client makes you save time and money, as you can send many SMS at the same time (ex: let your customers know when a transaction went through).

Without the shadow of a doubt, nowadays SMS is the simpler, quicker and most efficient way to communicate everywhere, anytime with your target, and it insures you immediate impact.

Receiving a phone call from a company can be considered invasive by customers, as they can be busy when the phone is ringing and the timing of the call is not always perfect. That is why sending an SMS is a far less aggressive marketing technique, as the target can read the message when he wants to. As a result, your Bank or Insurance’s image improves, plus you save money and energy (zero paper, ink etc.). Stop spending money on call-centers, as a simple SMS says it all and insures you a massive impact.

Program the sending of an SMS to:

– Notify a customer that the transaction he intended to make went through, to let him know that a bill was paid (rent), send a code to shop on line, send exchange rates to frequent travelers, send account information, confirm an account was successfully open etc.

In order to keep in touch with your customers and potential customers and improve your relations with them without being invasive, send SMS. This powerful and impactful tool avoids phone calls that can deteriorate your business’ image. Besides, your contacts can reply to you straight away and you receive their messages in your email thanks to the Passerelle SMS option.

There is no doubt that sending an SMS is more efficient than sending an email that sometimes gets lost in the middle of messages and emailings received everyday on your customers’ box. Reduce your costs and improve CRM thanks to ActivSMS.

Send SMS PREMIUM: replace the sending number that is written on the receiver’s screen with the words of your choice (your company’s name for example) and he is not allowed to answer.

Send SMS to your customers and future customers:

– Special offers and vouchers, to confirm an order was placed, to remind to pay a bill, send brief quality surveys, confirm a meeting, send information about your business etc.

Students, parents, teachers and professors are much more reactive when you send them SMS rather than if you use a different tool of communication to inform them about exam results or classroom changes. Using ActivMail is so easy that your school or college’s secretary will be able to make the most of it in a few minutes.

Send SMS to:

– Inform students about exam/entrance results, about key dates, invite parents to open days, send SMS alerts to parents when an absence is spotted, let students know when a teacher is sick and will not show up, when a strike is confirmed etc.

The SMS is the best way to make the most of TV and radio games and attract a younger audience, as you can ask viewers and listeners to send shorts messages to a special number to win presents or vote for candidates of Reality TV shows, so you receive all these messages in your email and you are able to analyze them and store them.

Send SMS to:

– Make people vote for a candidate (TV show), inform your database of customers about the launch of a new musical or exhibition (theatre, museum), offer vouchers to faithful customers (restaurant and pub), offer to download the latest Smartphone application etc.

Every governing body (town hall, ministry etc) needs to stay in touch with its citizens and electors, and sending SMS is the ideal tool to do so all the time. As efficient to communicate with an individual as with a group of people, the SMS can be sent to one mobile number or to a list of numbers (mailing) thanks to ActivMessenger, our web platform.

Send SMS to your citizens:

-To remind them to vote on D-day, to sort an administrative issue, to remind them to pay a fine, to inform them about a gas alert, invite your citizens to the village’s annual party etc.

SMS technology brings extra opportunities in the Health area by allowing to contact several people at the same time, directly on their mobile phone. Communicating with patients, hospital staff, doctors and partners is a huge challenge, and using the SMS sorts many issues and proves very efficient.

Optimize your medical practice or laboratory’s organization, avoid queues and confirm meetings through ActivSMS.

Send SMS to your patients:

– To remind them of their meetings a day before the due date in order to avoid files and customers’ unsettlement, to plan frequent check-ups, send diagnosis through SMS etc.

Integrate ActivMail to your system or application and send SMS through email. Send short messages to a group of person at the same time, program sendings months in advance towards the mobile phone numbers of your choice.

ActivMail’s success is also due to its simplicity: using it I easy like 1, 2, 3 and the system is remote-installed within four hours. Then you can use it from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Send SMS to your colleagues and partners:

– To notify about last-minute changes, to send a new order of mission, to confirm the booking of a meeting or the launch of a project, receive an SMS alert every time a bug in your system is detected (SMS GUARD option) etc.

As a consequence of the awful unemployment rate, HR has become a key sector. During a recruitment process, you can now send SMS through email to the candidates to ask them to apply for the job, and then confirm their application was sent successfully. You can do the same with emails if you wish to, but the impact will not be the same at all and the answer will not be received as quickly as with an SMS.

As a result, HR officers save a lot of time and energy and can be focused on picking the right person for the right position. Stop spending hours on the phone and just send an SMS!

Send SMS to candidates:

– Communicate with candidates by sending detailed job offers, interview hours and address, confirm a CV was sent to a company, send positive or negative answers etc.

Sending text messages to your suppliers, retailers, partners and customers brings the efficiency and speed that your company needs to beat its competitors so you can keep the entire process under control.

Send SMS:

– Notifications to your clients about a delivery, a new range of products, confirm an order (give a password), launch games to promote your company, send reminders for unpaid bills etc.

Many real estate agencies use ActivMail on a daily basis in order to keep in touch with owners, potential buyers and people who are after a flat/house to rent. They send detailed messages about properties that may interest their customers and keep them up to date.

They also offer people to view properties and send all their SMS through email directly from their office.

Send SMS to potential customers:

– Details about a property to sell, buy or rent with a reference number, keep in touch with your agents on the field, confirm meetings, ask for extra papers, inform about bids, fees and amounts etc.

Restaurants and Bars can make a name for themselves by communicating to databases of potential customers through text messages sent from a PC connected to the Internet. They can also increase their customers’ satisfaction thanks to vouchers, special offers, reminders of special events and birthday gifts.

For example, send an SMS just before lunchtime saying: “One free drink offered for every menu ordered today between now and 1pm at Restaurant…” Also ask your customers to book a table through an SMS and send a booking confirmation.

Send SMS to customers and future customers:

– Special offers, vouchers, events, parties, booking, new address, new dish, etc.

Increase your selling figures by attracting new customers and improving your current customers’ satisfaction rate. Launch marketing campaigns through SMS (a few clicks on your keyboard) and target a large audience with an impactful message that is delivered straight to their mobile phones.

Almost every SMS that is issued is read, which is not the case of emails and faxes, that is why this communication tool is extremely efficient and profitable. Besides, the number of answers is much more important if you send a text message.

Send SMS to your customers:

– Launch marketing campaigns, games, make special offers, program SMS in advance, announce the upcoming release of a new product etc.

Availability and speed are keywords as far as Transports and Logistics are concerned. That is the reason why communicating with your drivers, notifying your customers about deliveries and being available 24/7 is priceless. Save energy, time and stop making dangerous and long-drawn phone calls. Instead, just send an SMS that says everything your driver or customer need to know.

Send SMS to your drivers and customers: 

– Send delivery information through SMS and receive answers in real time in your email, track a package from A to Z, make your drivers’ journey safer (no phone calls), receive mission reports, keep your customers posted about their upcoming delivery etc.

The number of Tourists who visit the word increases continuously, as quickly as their level of demand. As accidents, natural disasters and strikes can arise anytime, letting travelers know that a flight is delayed or that a train is running late is a key issue.

Sending SMS alerts to travelers increases your image, as you avoid queues, phone calls and complaints, and your customers trust you again and again thanks to your great communication in real time.

Send SMS to travelers and tourists:

– Route, booking confirmation, delay, cancellation, password, lost or unattended baggage, hotel room availability, special offer, taxi phone number, weather alert, useful contacts in a foreign country, welcome message, brief satisfaction survey etc.

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