We have launched several brand-new SMS in 2010

The message automatically appears on the telephone’s screen (no need to open it) but is not saved like a usual SMS (same price as a standard SMS).

Sending this type of SMS ensures you to receive through email a detailed sending report that keeps you posted about the process that is in progress.

Feel free to replace the sending number that usually appears on the receiver’s screen with the words of your choice (your company’s name or the message’s purpose: “Win a trip to Mexico” for example). Besides, the person that receives an SMS PREMIUM is not able to answer, which can prove very convenient. 

This text message mixes SMS DLR’s and SMS PREMIUM’s caracteristics (receive a detailed sending report through email, replace the sending number with the words of your choice and the receiver is not allowed to answer).

Send one SMS from your mobile phone: all the members of the list you set up on line receive the message in real time.
1. Create lists of telephone numbers on our online platform (no limit).
2. Save them under the names of your choice, like List 1 or List 2 for example.
3. Through the mobile phone you picked for the service: create an SMS, right down the name of the list you need to reach (List 1 or List 2) followed by space, then write the message and press send.
4. The SMS is automatically sent to all the numbers of the list you picked.

An SMS is automatically sent back when a contact/player sends you a code in particular.

(Ideal for games, contests, draws)

1. You ask a question (the answer is “A” or “B” for example)
2. Your contact sends either “Answer A “or “Answer B” through SMS to the number we awarded you
3. He automatically receives an SMS Back that corresponds to “A” or “B”.

For example :
You ask who won the 1998 soccer World Cup. The player answers France (code : “Answer A”), then he receives an SMS Back that says: “Congratulations, you won etc…”. If he answers Brazil (code : “Answer B”), then he receives an SMS BACK that says: “Sorry, you have lost…”.


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