Check out some testimonials from ActivMail customers and Partners. These professionals send+receive faxes, text and voice messages everyday and are apparently delighted with the service we provide.

Louis H., Town Hall officer in Arnould, France (88)
“We send three different types of SMS alerts in order to communicate the best we can with our citizens, and ActivMail provides us a great service. Messages as sent very easily from my PC in order to let people know about weather conditions and potential risks.”

Sebastien Deslandes, creator of Alliantic, ActivMail integrator
“We have been using ActivMail for eight years now, and we were attracted by its simplicity from day one. When Alliantic was created, we needed a landline and a fax line. The main reason why I picked ActivMail is savings, because costs-reduction is so important for a company. Basically, subscribing to this service is less expensive than using a fax line. Besides, you get many benefits in terms of work organization. For example, you can keep the same number (call-forwarding) even if your company moves (it has happened to us a couple of times). Then, your voicemail is available anywhere, anytime, so is your email box, where you can check your faxes and text messages. All the messages we receive are stored and we do not need to print them systematically. It means that ActivMail allows to save energy, paper, ink, as we only print a few emails. Eventually we created a platform that enables to personalize each fax sent, in collaboration with Opus. Today Opus is one of our main unified messaging systems’ providers.”

Jean-Philippe Vinet, @DOC Solutions, temporary work agency
“As soon as a position is made available, we directly send a detailed text message to relevant candidates, who react quickly and can apply. Basically, ActivFax allows companies and candidates to save time and meet each other. Regarding the search of employees for jobs in particular, this tool helps us satisfy our clients thanks to its huge productivity.”

Arnaud D., sales force for a famous sportswear brand
“Our company employs sales officers who are based all around the country and who prepare their meetings from home. They do not need bulky fax machines anymore thanks to ActivFax, as they send and receive all their messages through the internet. To my mind, the two major assets are costs-reduction and improved communication between our team and with the shops.”

Marc P, polling institute
“I send thousands of surveys every month thanks to ActivFax and it only takes me a few minutes. The rate of return is satisfying and much more important than with a normal mailing. Besides, I do not need to waste paper anymore, and I do not even have to leave my desk!”

Karine V., dentist
“In order to avoid schedule issues and to reduce the queue in the waiting room, my assistant sends text messages to my clients through ActivSMS to confirm meeting dates and hours. She also programs messages in advance, which is very convenient.”

Karim H., hotel reservation agency

“I use ActivMail everyday to send detailed reservation confirmations – including the name and address of the hotel, the rate and conditions – through faxes and text messages from my computer. As a result, our agency’s communication is brilliant.”

Didier G., garage owner
“My clients used to hassle me on the phone everyday to know when their car would be ready. They even called several times a day to ask if they could come and take their car. Honestly, it was a huge waste of time for me and my staff. But from now on, we send them Tmails (voice synthesis) that tell them precisely when they can come over to the garage. As a result, my clients know what to expect and understand that the garage is way ahead of its competitors.”

Michael J., start-up creator
“I have just launched my marketing events company and it would have been ridiculous to buy a fax machine, as ActivFax offers a better service, modern and cost-saver. Everyday I discover a new application that makes me more efficient.”

Pierre S., restaurant chain manager 
“Food is a very competitive business and you have to have good ideas to beat your neighbors. That is the reason why we have decided to send invitations to special events and vouchers to our database of clients through text messages. All the messages are sent from a PC in a few clicks.”

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