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Officials close fake Apple stores in Kunming city, China

Three of the elaborate fake stores, which mimicked the look of the real thing, came to the world's attention after being exposed on a blog.

The Pentagon and the surveillance of the social networks by robots

The American organ of the army devoted to the research, the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), suggested to the scientists to find methods to locate the big events organized on the social networks.

2020 Digital plan

Eric Besson, the minister of Industry, Energy and digital Economy presented the successor of the 2012 Digital Plan, which arrives at its term, with for purpose the definition of the digital politics until 2020. The contributions of professionals and public are expected.

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

The biggest international meeting, the Mobile World Congress dedicated to the mobile telephony, will not take place in Paris.

The Google+ application is now available on iPhone

From the beginning of the service on Android Market, the mobile Google+ application is now proposed in free download on the App Store of Apple.

Google + against the pen names

Google decided that at the end of this July, the Google profiles in private mode would be deleted. Obligation for the users of Google + to use their real name at the risk of deletion of the account

400 millions Windows 7 licenses in the world

Beautiful performance for Windows 7 which sold 400 millions copies in the world, less than two years after its exit.

China fights against illegal imitation

China saw the fight anti-imitation carrying fruits: 9000 detainees, and the closure of 12854 illegal factories of imitated products.

Microsoft reveals Windows 8 and its tactile interface for tablets

As expected, Microsoft revealed a part of Windows 8 during the conference All Things Digital.

Cyber security for European community

The European Commission has just made a commitment to take several measures concerning the security of networks and the fight against cyber-attacks

The PSN completely restored

Sony announced the on-line return during the week of the last unavailable services further to their hacking.

Google Chrome outstrips Internet Explorer in terms of market shares

Chrome, newcomer on the scale of the market of Internet browsers, continues to conquer, a little less than three years after its launch.

Sony: a new hack of the PSN Sony!

PlayStation Network has fallen under a new hack. Users are advised to change their e-mail address of registration.

Firefox 3.5 automatically updated

From June 2011, all the users af Firefox 3.5 having activated the automatic update of the browser will fall over automatically on the version 3.6.

International SMS

Please read THIS PAGE before making sendings of SMS outside France. To specify the international dialling code of reception is indispensable.

 A new day for the PSN

The business starts again for the players. Sony began yesterday  to restart its  network of on-line game.

Smartphone flexible and fine as some paper

Canadian researchers have just presented the prototype of a mobile phone made by electronic paper: PaperPhone.

Updated iOS 4.3.3

Apple proposes the download of the update iOS 4.3.3 for its mobile devices (iPod 4G, iPhone 3GS / 4 and iPad 1*2) having for main feature the modification of the collections protected by our movements.

24 million accounts of the Sony Online Entertainment threatened

The Japanese firm closed its service of on-line games Online Entertainment having discovered an intervention. Besides the user accounts, 12.700 numbers of bank cards and 10.700 statements of direct debit were maybe stolen.

 Legal protection

We guarantee the legal value of the files that are being sent and received through ActivCell so you are legally protected in case of dispute or investigation. Click HERE to for more.

Firefox 5 waited on June 21st!

While Firefox 4.0 is available for some weeks only, Mozilla gave a tight calendar: Firefox 5.0 should be available from next June 21st, and Firefox 6 about two months later.


A massive thank you, dear friends ! ActivMail has made more than 400 friends on Facebook, so thanks a lot for following us every day.Be our friend HERE

Google and its war for the safety of SSL certificates

The Comodo issue, which was stolen 9 numeric certificates of popular domains, motivates Google to strengthen the safety of its numeric certificates.

Printed fax and sustainable development.

Numerous faxes are received and printed automatically. That is why the fax by e-mail which avoids any useless printings seems to be the best solution.

Some brilliant ideas for an effective SMS campaign

You doubtless already read (here or somewhere else) that a SMS marketing campaign is one of the best tools and one the cheapest to communicate and develop loyalty. But how can we make effective a message and make of your campaign a success?

Check out our brochure

Click HERE to discover the brand new English version of our brochure. (16/12/10)

SMS to landlines = NO GO
From now on, when you try to send text messages to landlines, you’ll receive the following message through email: “Your message was not sent to any number”. The only French numbers that are allowed to receive SMS are the ones that start by 06 or 07. Then if you wish to send SMS outside of France, make sure you write the country code. (09/12/10)

 SMS outside of France = CODE
Make sure to write the country code before you send SMS outside of France. HERE is the list of country codes. (08/12/10)

 Lights, camera, action ! 
Check out our brand-new video that explains how to send an SMS through our web platform. It's easy as 1, 2, 3 ! (25/11/10)

 New identity
Opus, the company that created and launched ActivMail unified messaging systems, is happy to present its brand-new logo. Our Paris-based staff is proud of a rich 26-year experience and keeps on developing new solutions in order to answer your needs. 
Our latest releases are the new version of our Passerelle SMS, the multi-lingual text-to-speech solution and several brand-new SMS…and new products will be launched in the close future.
Our staff thanks you for trusting Opus and will be happy to read your comments on the new Opus logo. Thank you.

Newsletter n°1 released
To receive our latest Newsletter, fill in the table on the left-hand side of the website. (04/10/10)

The future of SMS 
Check out our six brand-new SMS here. We have decided to bring text messages to the next level in order to help you deliver eye-catching SMS to your clients, prospective clients and contacts. Strengthen your CRM, attract new clients and launch games and polls thanks to ActivMail’s New SMS. (08/09/10)

Open your own Passerelle SMS 
From now on, everybody can open a Passerelle SMS to send + receive SMS through email without being already an ActivMail Member. Freedom ! (23/07/2010)

 Welcome to our brand-new Passerelle SMS !
The brand-new Passerelle SMS is available : use accents,  special characters in your SMS, speedy exchanges, send SMS DLR and SMS PREMIUM, EMS etc. Click HERE to find out more (13/07/10)

 SMS is back, alright !
New : thanks to SMS BACK, an SMS is automatically sent back to your contacts when they send you a code in particular (ideal for games, contests, draws). Click HERE to find out more. (29/06/10)


The bill please !

From now on, the only way to check out the prices of all our products and options is clicking HERECall us today (00331 44 75 59 59) to know our special Partners prices. (25/06/10)


200 friends !

A massive thank you, dear friends ! ActivMail has made more than 200 friends on Facebook, so thanks a lot for following us every day. (01/06/10)


One SMS for all, all for one !

Brand new option. Send one SMS from your mobile phone including a three-letter password before the text message: all the members of the list you (set up on line) receive the message in real time. Click here to know more about SMS TARGET. (28/05/10)


We do the impossible for you


You need a solution in particular regarding messaging or storage, but nothing seems to match your requirements? Don’t panic, just write to us and describe what you need. Our experts will answer you within five working days and provide a quote if possible. (11/05/10)

 ActivCell in White Label !


To our Partners and future Partners: from now on, ActivCell, our latest storage solution, is available as a White Label Product (your logo, your name or your clients’). So do not hesitate to offer to your clients the ultimate online storage solution ! (10/05/10)

 Get to know everything about indexed storage

Check out the ActivCell section on the website and discover everything you need to know about our latest storage solution that enables you to find all your old faxes and emails in a twinkling of an eye. (05/05/10)

 Fuzzy matching is magic !

Fuzzy matching allows you to find an email you sent/received thanks to ActivCell’s search engine, even if you do not remember the spelling of the receiver/sender’s name. Click here to find out more. (05/05/10)

 SMS through email: concrete examples
This brand-new section shows you how to keep your existing clients and to attract new ones thanks to a very simple but very powerful tool: the SMS, sent through email. (28/04/10)

 New SMS to send:
New releases: when you send an SMS DLR then you receive a detailed sending report. When you send an SMS PREMIUM, the sending number can be replaced with the words of your choice and the receiver is not allowed to answer. Sending an SMS DLR+PREMIUM is also an option. (27/04/2010) 

 Welcome to ActivFax !
ActivFax is the new name of our all-in-one unified messaging solution. The name changes, but the service remains the same and its price as well. Welcome to ActivFax! (27/04/10)

 Your opinion matters
Do you like the new version of Please contact us here or call us now on 00331 44 75 59 59 to express your views. (26/04/10)

 The brand new is online !
You are visiting 2010 version. Discover our new products like ActivCell, read testimonials from our Members and Partners on our brand new website. (26/04/10)

 Find all your faxes in 0.07 second thanks to ActivCell
ActivCell is the latest solution from ActivMail that will improve your company’s daily efficiency. Our experts are proud to present you ActivCell, a service that automatically saves all your faxes/emails in an online protected area and finds them in 0.07 second thanks to its speedy search engine, that even checks your attached documents. Contact us now or call us to try the Free ActivCell Demo. (26/04/10)

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