Send + receive your SMS in your email box or in your own application

NEW : You do not have to be an ActivMail member anymore to subscribe to a Passerelle SMS.

We award you a unique GSM number and you start saving time and money.

Passerelle SMS proves ideal for drawings, contests and reality TV shows, as you can analyze, organize and store the text messages you receive in your email very easily and quickly.

You also receive detailed acknowledgements of receipt (SMS DLR + SMS PREMIUM) and are able to answer through email (confirm a reservation, set up a meeting date, ask to call back etc.).


The brand-new Passerelle SMS allows you to :
  • use accents in your SMS
  • use special characters in your SMS
  • speedy exchanges of SMS
  • SMS DLR (receive a sending report through email)
  • SMS PREMIUM (replace the number that appears on the screen with your company’s name and the receiver is not allowed to answer)
  • EMS: your SMS of more than 160 characters are received in one single message (each block of 160 characters is charged)
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