ActivPush | 5 reasons to use ActivPush

ActivPush allows you to receive your faxes and voice messages in your email, 24/7, wherever you are.

1. Centralize your faxes

Organization and storage are key words for your company. That is why keeping your faxes in a safe place is priceless. Anyway, losing a fax in a pile of documents has happenned to all of us. With ActivFax, receive all your faxes in your email, in attached files, and then feel free to store them, to print them, to save them, etc.

2. Unilimited reception of faxes on a unique number

You can receive as many faxes as you want on your email box. When you subscribe, we award you a unique fax number that you can give to your clients so they can start sending you faxes, that you receive in your email. But if you already have a fax number, feel free to keep it: use call-forwarding.

3. Receive several faxes at the same time

ActivPush allows you to receive several faxes simultaneously in your email box, as your number is never busy.

4. Custom-made subscription

The minimum length of subscription is 3 months. Feel free to subscribe for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months for example (tapering charges).

5. Confidentiality guaranteed

You are the only one to receive your faxes, as they are directly sent to your email box. From now on, nobody else but you will read your faxes thanks to ActivPush.

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