Firefox 5 arrives on June 21st!

Firefox 5 arrives on June 21st!

While Firefox 4.0 is available for some weeks only, Mozilla gave a tight calendar: Firefox 5.0 should be available  next June 21st, and Firefox 6 about two months later.

Finished thus the endless waits between the various versions of Firefox.

Mozilla thus chooses the strategy like google who brings out new versions of his browser quite every 8 weeks.

We thus speak about nine novelties in one or several next versions of Firefox. The first one concerns tabs, and possibility of selecting some in one step, to move them or close them.

The homepage is transformed too into tab pinned to the left of the screen, and an indicator of download (or of load) will be integrated over tabs. The applications will be standardized for the support in the toolbar; Firefox will also join a PDF Viewer by default, as well as a reader with capacities spread to the sizes like the MP3 for example.

Tabs should too evolve radically: every tab should have its own configurable pull-down menu by the user.

Firefox 5 should also join an administrator of identities and possibly suggest remaining connected on a page, with several different profiles. Finally, a function of sharing could make its entrance giving a direct access to the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to share a page, a contents or the other one.

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