Send+receive SMS, faxes, voice messages through email with ActivFax.

Our solution is very easy-to-use and you do not even have to install a software on your computer.
You can use your own email address, your usual messaging system (like Outlook or Lotus for example) or our web platform, and we award you a unique fax number (feel free to keep your current fax number if you wish to).
Be available
Your clients can contact you anywhere, anytime, even when you are on the road or away from work. Be reactive and beat your competitors thanks to ActivFax.
Make savings
ActivFax is a all-in-one solution that makes your fax machine useless: cancel your fax subscription and save money on paper and ink. Our solution also saves you office space and prevents your employees from queuing behind the fax machine everyday. ActivFax also respects the environment.

Send faxes, text messages and voice messages to your lists of clients and download your mailing lists in a few seconds (copy/paste). Give up your mailing software, as ActivFax saves your mailing lists online. Be autonomous, save time, send mailings instantaneously or program them in advance, then receive an acknowledgement of receipt.
*Receive text messages

The Passerelle SMS option is the easiest way to receive all your text messages in your Email. We provide you a GSM number so you can save time and be more efficient. This option is great for drawings and contests. Besides, you can also reply to the text messages you receive, directly through email.


Save money and energy, be available anywhere, anytime and use the more impactful message for all types of communications.

Nowadays, every company still sends and receives faxes on a daily basis (invoices, offers, quotes, etc). But you do not need a bulky fax machine anymore, as ActivFax enables you to send and receive faxes, but also text messages and voice messages, through your own email or on the Internet in a few clicks.

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