Fuzzy matching

Fuzzy matching

Use Fuzzy matching on ActivCell to find your old emails and files if you do not exactly remember the name of the sender/contact.

How does it work?

You are looking for an invoice you received through email, but do not exactly remember the spelling of your contact’s name? If you are not sure, then go to ActivCell’s search engine, write an approaching name in phonetic, followed by

~ (press 2 + Alt Gr then space on your keyboard).


Example : duran~

ActivCell will then automatically show you a list of faxes and emails in which an approaching/matching name has been recognized. Eventually, it is up to you to find the message with attached document you were looking for!

4 quick steps


1. You are after M. Durand’s latest invoice, but unfortunately you are not sure if the spelling is right.

Write duran~ in ActivCell’s search engine and click on “Fouiner”.

 A list of emails with their attached documents appears on your ActivCell screen, including the messages where the following words are mentioned:


Durand, Durant, Duron, Durond, Durant, Deren etc.

 Finally, check the list and find the email you were after/that matches your search.

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