Updated iOS 4.3.3

Apple proposes the download of the update iOS 4.3.3 for its mobile devices (iPod 4G, iPhone 3GS / 4 and iPad 1*2) having for main feature the modification of the collections protected by our movements.

Apple had made the promise, with the modification of the firmware and the publication of the update iOS 4.3.3 arrived to show in the whole world that Apple knows how to hold word when he makes a commitment.

Henceforth, with the iOS 4.3.3, you will be followed always in the track, but the savings will keep the history of your movements only on the last 7 days thanks to the decrease of the size of the mask (while the previous firmwares kept this history of pursue all our movements over ONE YEAR!), but the real good piece of news is that no copy of saving of this file of follow-up will be made on your PC and Mac during the synchronization automatic of your devices, thus finished the transfer of all the data protected by our mobile devices on computers.

Now, the hostile software and the applications cannot know any more where we live and\or work, our PC will thus contain no more data of all our movements, a weight less which removes Apple of our shoulders.

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