The PSN issue

 24 million accounts of the Sony Online Entertainment threatened

The Japanese firm closed its service of on-line games Online Entertainment having discovered an intervention. Besides the user accounts, 12.700 numbers of bank cards and 10.700 statements of direct debit were maybe stolen.

New hard issue for Sony and the millions of customers of its service of on-line game massively multi-players on console and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) PC, also victim of a hacking.

In a communiqué, the Japanese firm explains to have discovered that pirates maybe stole data users during their intervention led between 16 and on April 17th, 2011, the day before the hacking of PlayStation Network.

Banking address and phone numbers of European customers concerned

Always using the conditional, Sony indicates that the 24, 6 million user accounts of the SOE could have been compromised. They contain in particular names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email, identifiers and passwords.

Other bad piece of news, 12 700 numbers of not American credit cards or debit could have been stolen, as well as 10.700 statements of direct debit of German, Austrian, Spanish and Dutch customers. These statements contain the banking account numbers, the name and the address of the holders.

Sony is ready to pay the invoice of protection against the theft of identity

The Sony Online Entertainment service was accommodated in same Datacenter as PSN, based to San Diego in California. The platform of game accommodates key titles as EverQuest I and II, Champions of Norrath, PlanetSide, Free Realms, Clones Wars Adventures, and DC Universe Online.

It was closed until new order. Sony promises compensatory measures identical to those proposed for the customers of PSN and will finance the recourse to surveillance services and the protection against the theft of identity.

This new incident forced Sony to close the Facebook version of its SOE which proposes games as PoxNora, Dungeon Overlord and Wildlife Refuge. We ignore if data of Facebook members can also have been pirated.


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